2007年11月30日 星期五

Random thoughts 2

It seems my sleeping hours have been constantly changing lately. Sometimes I slept once I got home and then woke up in the midnight to study til the morning. But no matter what, the number one principle to ensure I have enough sleeping.

Add oil!!!

Winter is a season that keeps me awake. And a winter morning feels like...

With Hands Held High
into a sky so blue
the ocean opens up
to swallow you

-- Hands Held High, Linkin Park, Minutes to Midnight

But it's also hard not to lose myself in this time... Sometimes I wonder if it's better if I stay true to myself...
Risk something.
Take back what's yours
Say something that you know
they might attack you for
cause I'm sick of being treated
like I have before.
Like a stupid standing for
what I'm standing for.


When I returned home today and looked into the mirror... "hmm... why my dressing is so familiar..." Oh right, this:


2007年11月29日 星期四

Reason to do my medicine well

#4586 reason to revision upper limb
- to understand the X-ray of your idol
When I watched LPTV (AU/NZ tour) and it talked about Chester Beington being his wrist, it showed his X-ray, maybe it's too dark but haha... ok, which structure is broken?

cont' later...

2007年11月23日 星期五

Orbis - Open Your Eyes Tour

Skipped NA GE lesson for a tour to Orbis. It's fun to take a little break going to the airport.

Haha, all Med 1 & 2 were dumb when the director charanglle us with "which cranial nerve supplies the eyes?" XD Well, we are only Med 1...

You have chosen a good field. But remember to have fun. Otherwise medicine is something that can drive you you crazy, just like me.
-- the director of Orbis

Jenny and I agreed that the crew was all quite good-looking. But wait... how come I have not met some good looking doctors in PWH? Haha, maybe I should go to work on Orbis too. But then I remember what the director said when Sammuel asked him how to get a place on board - apply online but first you need to graduate.

The Rising Tied

After listening to so many Linkin Park these days, it's time for me to switch to something else - Fort Minor. Haha, but it's still very Linkin Park-related.

Fort Minor is a side projection by Mike Shinoda, along with some artist under Machine Shop Records. Mike is the one of leaders of Linkin Park. Like another side project of Linkin Park Collision Course with Jay-Z, Mike attempted to explore on another style of music. That's what I appreciate about Mike - always bringing it to the top by breakthrough even though he has gained a lot of success already.

Released in November 2005, The Rising Tied is the first album of FM. Mike wrote every lyrics and produced every song in the album. If you are a fan of him, you should not miss this album because he talks a lot about himself in the songs, like Remember the Name and more.

01. Introduction
02. Remember The Name (feat. Styles Of Beyond)
03. Right Now (feat. Black Thought Of The Roots and Styles Of Beyond)
04. Petrified
05. Feel Like Home (feat. Styles Of Beyond)
06. Where'd You Go (feat. Holly Brook and Jonah Matranga)
07. In Stereo
08. Back Home (feat. Common and Styles Of Beyond)
09. Cigarettes
10. Believe Me (feat. BoBo and Styles Of Beyond)
11. Get Me Gone
12. High Road (feat. John Legend)
13. Kenji
14. Red To Black (feat. Kenna Jonah Matranga and Styles Of Beyond)
15. The Battle (feat. Celph Titled)
16. Out The Back (feat. Mr. Hahn)

However, what I am going to introduce is not the hits like Believe Me, Petrified or Remember the Name. Mike included many true stories in the lyrics or the MV. The most touching ones are Where'd You Go and Kenji.

Where'd You Go is a song about loniness. The video is shot in 3 homes. After listening to this song, I think I'm quite lucky to have a family that always spends time with me. That actually reminds me to add an item to the "careers that I do not want my future husband to be in" list - surgeon. I think Where'd You Go is the best track in the album. It's the first time for Mike to try out this type of touching lyrics. His wife cries everytimes Mike plays this track to her.
Where'd you go? I miss you so. Seems like it's been forever since you've been gone.

She said, "Some days I feel like shit. Some days I wanna quit and just be normal for a bit. I don't understand why you have to always be gone. I get along but the trips always feel so long and I find myself trying to stay by the phone cause your voice always helps me to not feel so alone. But I feel like an idiot working my day around a call that when I pick up I don't have much to say. So I want you to know it's a little fucked up that I'm stuck here waiting, at times debating on telling you that I've had it with you and your career, me and the rest of my family here, singing where'd you go."


"Come back home! You know that place you used to live, used to barbeque up burgers and ribs, used to have a little party every Halloween with candy by the pile? But now you stop by only once in a while. Shit, I find my self just filling my time with anything to keep the thought of you from my mind. I'm doing fine and I'm planning to keep it that way. And you call me if you find that you have something to say, and I'll tell you: I want you to know it's al little fucked up that I'm stuck here waiting, at times debating on telling you that I've had it with you and your career, me and the rest of my family here singing where'd you go."


"I want you to know it's a little fucked up that I'm stuck here waiting. No longer debating. Tired of sitting and hating and making excuses for why you're not around and feeling so useless. It seems like one thing has been true all along. You don't really know what you've got till it's gone. I guess I've had it with you and your career. When you come back I won't be here, and you can sing it..."


Kenji is about a true story about Mike's grandfather, who lived in LA during World War II. Many have focused on WWII from the viewpoint of their races. But how many have viewed it in this way? This song awakes me to look at the fact from another side. A little history extract from the web:
They survived on a meagre diet of rice and vegetables and illness was common. Prisoners suffered from malnutrition, ulcers and cholera. Around 61,000 prisoners were put to work on the railroad. Of those 13,000 died.
(Another version with lyrics: link)

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External link: Player.net - [LP] Fort Minor - The Rising Tied

Fort Minor - Remember the Name

M. Shinoda rocks on rap songs!

If I can change the chorus...

This is 10% luck, 20% skill
15% concentrated power of will,
5% pleasure, 50% pain
And 100% reason to remember the name - Mike!
I will change it to...
This is 3% luck, 7% skill,
only 9% concentrated power of will,
maybe 1% pleasure, 80% pain
And 100% reason to cheat in exam - sources!

Quite difficult to fit the rythme, haha, I'm just having a hard time revising PFOS.

External link: lyric

2007年11月22日 星期四

Linkin Park - What I've Done

You may not like Linkin Park. You may not like rock songs. But I still recommend you to watch this video. It is a reminder to all of us about this blue planet that we are living on. The past... the present... and hopefully not the future...

In this farewell, there's no blood, there's no alibi,
'cause I've drawn regret from the truth of a thousand lies.
So let mercy come, and wash away what I've done. I'll face myself to cross out what I've become. Erase myself, and let go of what I've done.

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2007年11月21日 星期三

LINKIN PARK live in Hong Kong

AsiaWorld - Arena
Tue 20 Nov 2007 20:00
Block 3 F4


I didn't get the chance to watch it in Form 4. This year, Linkin Park returns. And I went to their concert with Irene Tam.

Both of us have only revised their new album Minutes to Midnight for 2 times. (Well, I did revised Collision Course, though it's "out of syllabus", haha.) We saw a cool t-shirt of Linkin Park, too! But we didn't buy because we know this t-shirt thing never looks cool enough on girls. That's so unfair.

We were lucky enough to have good seats. We didn't go for stand tickets as we don't have the time to queue up. But after all, we found that there's not many people in the arena even at 20:10. Everyone was still drinking beer at the atrium?

I was fooled by the crowds for times. They raised their hands and screamed whenever the background music changed. Tonight, I was "woo~"ing like MedFoot, haha.

Show started. And everyone gets hyper.

  1. Wake
    LP took it slow as compared to their usual practice. But it's like rocking.

  2. Given Up

  3. No More Sorrow

  4. Lying From You

  5. Don’t Stay
    I remember this is the opening song for Live in Texas. Frankly speaking, I love this song much more than Given Up.

  6. Somewhere I Belong
    The very first song of LP I listened to. I loved the music video.

  7. From The Inside
    I like the way Chester sang it this time. Not over-yelling it, but still could bring out all the emotion.

  8. Papercut
    At one point of the song, Chester, Mike, Brad and Phoneix all stepped onto the boxes on the front of the stage. They looked SO COOL.

  9. Points of Authority
    Mike beatboxing!

  10. In Pieces
    LP was kind enough to give us some rest after all the rock songs. They took it slow since this song. What's fab about Chester's voice is that he can still sound absolutely soulful after all the yelling. I love LP!

  11. Shadow Of The Day
    I love it. Rob's drum... Chester's soft voice... and how the crowd sang the whole song with LP. It really melted my heart. I didn't expect to have this feeling in a rock band concert.

  12. Numb

  13. Pushing Me Away (Piano Version)
    I was THRILLED when I heard they perform this song. I was in love with P5hng Me Aw@y when they played it in Live in Texas. This piano version is awesome. Mike did a great job on the piano. I can't believe how talented he is.

  14. Breaking The Habit
    Another prefect song. Now I don't want to listen to the album version as this live version keeps swimming in my head.

  15. Crawling
    The song that makes LP famous. Everyone was yelling when they played the intro. A great song to shout, haha.

  16. The Little Things Give You Away
    1 word - beautiful. It's my first time to hear Chester to sing in such a high pitch. But it's still smooth and hit me right in the heart. I can't believe this sound is from a male rock band member.

  17. What I’ve Done
    I won't say much on this song. You will understand the meaning behind if you have watched the video. This world... is sometimes too sad.

  18. Faint

  19. ---encore---

    Everyone was stepping the ground, yelling for more LP... How can LP leave after getting the crowd hyper with Faint?

  20. One Step Closer
    LP did the Reanimation style. They put a slow part in the middle, just like what they did in Live in Texas. And after this silence, everyone bounced with Mike and yelled "shut up!" with Chester.

  21. In The End
    My all-time favourite song of LP.

  22. Bleed It Out
    The last song. And a fun one. Everyone clapped their hands and Chester asked us to follow him to sing:
    "ow oo~"
    "ow woo oo~"
    "woo o o o!"
    "I bleed it out digging deeper just to throw it away."
    "I bleed it out digging deeper just to throw it away, just to throw it away, just to throw it away!"
    The crowd kept bouncing and singing with LP for this whole song. It was SO HYPER.

Show ended. Thanks LP (Chester, Mike, Phoenix, BBB, Rob, Mr Hahn) for giving us such a great night. Mike loves the crowd. Chester loves Mike. And we love you both, Mike and Chester! And I love Rob too!

When we walked out the arena, the crowd were still singing Bleed it Out and some rapped In the End.
I bleed it out
digging deeper just to throw it away
just to throw it away
just to throw it away~!
Everyone had a good time. But now my ears are suffering. I can't hear well after the concert and the sound from the mic gave me a headace during a lecture the day after. And lower plexus injury, haha, because of overabduction of my arm.

If you wanna know what it is like to watch LP live, watch this, except Mike was more interactive with the croud and Chester sang better in the concert, haha.

May 18,2007 House of Blues Los Angeles

2007年11月20日 星期二



Life is a dynamic process.

-- Prof T.B. Ng



2007年11月19日 星期一


走咗一堂PHES去prep PHUS,番咗一堂,掛住傾計又完全冇聽過書,自己覺得番咗去真係好白痴。

聽咗一陣MED SOC consultation就去咗同中大7b食晏,第一次中大人gathering ^^v

今年最後一次dissection lu~ francis頭痛都黎,真係好~ =) 中山大學個講師見到angela都忍唔住出手,XD煜煜你太久冇劏屍啦﹗個講師又young又勁又好人,真好。雖然我地條屍又肥又濕,真係會劏到燥底,但係呢幾個月同大家8個人1條屍都幾開心,今天我都忍唔住喊咗出黎(其實係因為d formaline XD)。遲d記得搞番個屍枱聚呀﹗陳莊重,浩灝,iki,clara,煜煜,曱甴,francis,明年再劏過﹗祝下年嘅med 1 table 1唔好又係女屍﹗


2007年11月18日 星期日

random thoughts

After chatting with Chi for the whole morning, I felt so complicated. Too many things have happened recently that it's hard to digest them all. But that's a good thing, isn't it? =)

That actually reminds me of the yum cha gathering with 7B. They said that Lam Mui is getting married soon. o_O If it's true, big congrats! But it feels really weird to know my classmate to get married so soon whereas most of the others haven't even started dating. I wonder what I will be doing when my best friends have all got married. Still working like a slave in the hospital, accepting low wage for a license? Poor life of medical students...

Take a deep breath and you will see... love, is actually all around. =)

At least, I see it on my desk - Gray's Anatomy. XD

2007年11月17日 星期六


連續兩日BBQ(MED P同RADI組聚),今日仲要俾表姐屈請食大閘蟹,我今個weekend真係超哂額。

不過我呢D粗人都係飲唔慣黃酒,都係青島啤酒好~ XD

姑媽買嘅拖羅,岩岩好一人一塊 ^^




2007年11月14日 星期三

Zenith's birthday

Good timing today!

First, dash to PWH as usual on Wednesday. But it's Zenith's birthday today! So I ran to PW canteen instead. Just in time to see Zen blew the candles.XD
All Radi (and I) rushed to lecture hall after Zen finished his cake slowly, lol. I thought we would be late as it's 0915 already but then we found out that the lecturer is busy today so the lecture is cancelled.

So we went to take our name tags and lab growns. They are so cool. I couldn't help but took a photo afterwards.

Back to the lecture hall for hea-ing. I found out that many of our boys stood their collars. A tribute to Zenith? lol. But hey, how come no one con him even if Sgordon sticked a "Bday, con me la!" on Zen's back?!

Haha, well, we did learn something from PWH today - how to measure BMI. Oh, and we are reminded to learn some Nepalese. XDD

18 people went to Shatin to have. Then I went to attend UGD lecture finally. lol. Anyway, we had tutorial again today. Same boring. Same rubbish. Poor Simon was inched by the tutor again and again.

2007年11月12日 星期一

We start the panel of lower limb this week. The tutor is Franky Chan again. It's like back to the start of the term. =) But I do wish time can run back to September. That's when I still loved to hang around with you, and thought you can be my supportive force for the coming 5 years. But why are we so far apart now? I can't understand you anymore. Now, whenever I try to know about you, you are so irriating that I cannot stand it. I feel so confused... Sorry, Sai Moore, you are a good textbook but you are not my cup of tea. I think I will be happier with Gray's.

XDD joking joking... But seriously, I am abandoning Sai Moore for Gray's now. Gray's anatomy rocks!!!

2007年11月11日 星期日


中大醫學院第一次搞「回家」活動,作為貪玩嘅MED 1,我番咗去幫手。做helper最爽嘅係可以免費食到好多檸檬批,又可以感受到係med can不停拎野飲唔洗俾錢個種快感。 我負責reception counter 2

成個活動氣氛都唔錯。86-06年畢業生眾首一堂,有d仲成家人一齊黎。有時見到d熟口熟面嘅,原來係係pwh見過。(btw,k.h. lo今日著得好yo~)聽到d舊生打電話「澄溪堂都唔知係邊,你真係太老啦﹗」哈,我就諗我畢業之後會唔會連屍房都唔記得點去呢。=)


見d grad玩得咁開心,med 1都自告奮鬥去玩tug of war,點知俾med 2/3秒殺,嗚>_<相信經過今天,d grad對2011同12班嘅評價係一班仲意猜枚同dem beat嘅一班嘈吵嘅小朋友。XD

external link: photo album

Eating too much...

After hearing Vicky Ng say I seemed to have gained in weight, let's sum up what I have eaten today:

  • a raisin bun for breakfast
  • a ham and egg sandwich as brunch (why brunch when I had both breakfast and lunch? o_O)
  • vegetable, beef and noodles for lunch
  • a pack of potato chip for snack
  • Caser salad as afternoon tea
  • a big, hot, tasty baked potato with cheese, broccoli and bacon as "late" afternoon tea
  • milked tea
  • fish's belly & chicken soup
  • dinner (4 dishes for 2 people, what the...)
  • and half a bowl of instant noodle for "siu yea" as my dad stopped me from eating too much. Franky, I can still go on and eat a lot more.

Oh dear... and as I have remembered, it seems I have been eating a lot since the beginning of this week. o_O Stop me!

2007年11月9日 星期五


第一次去pw做fa,不停俾K.H. LO拎黎做demo,超慘。唉,唔好提。

之後4個去咗第一城飲茶,點知番去PW冇袍拎。冇去沙田,拎唔到LINKIN PARK飛,又行唔到街,又拎唔到袍,影唔到相,又冇食番餐好,又屈唔到「尼泊爾人」請飲茶,有d燥。早知唔好咁好人,堅持去新城市啦,起碼做到d野。番去中大食雪糕下火。XD

終於去尖沙咀打埋第三支針lu~ 咁又收我$1300,開診所真係好搵。

2007年11月8日 星期四



2007年11月7日 星期三

Jupas sharing

Ms Cheung wanted some girls to go back to school to do some sharing on jupas choice... 1 phone call... 8 people skip their classes to come. XD What a good example for our fellow schoolmates! How come it takes us so much longer to organize 7B gathering? =P

The sharing is just water-blowing. Can't really help much in this early stage. But well, don't take me as anyone legendary. I'm just a normal student... who loves to pretend ying sometimes, just like the photo below XDD

2007年11月6日 星期二

Lucky in drawings

It seems I've got quite lucky these 2 days in drawing.

First, it's SSM. After long discussion with Michelle (also Alex and Matthew), we figured out the best choice list and reranked the choice just one minute before the deadline. X) And we were really lucky to obtain our first choices in both human structure and topical SSM. Yay! I will do neck lumps for human structure and major trauma for topical. Go go surgery! Go go A&E!

Second, I was lucky enough to obtain one share of Alibaba. Don't ask me anything about it. I am clueless about these share things. All I know is that my mum is really obsessed with the stock market these weeks and is actively using my bank account to buy shares. Well, I don't mind having an effortless gain in my money. But I hope mum will not be addicted to this risky game. =)

Rock on.

2007年11月5日 星期一
















7B型人+MR LEE﹗MODEL造型照。XDD 一班7Bers在後面「攝鏡」。早說了本小姐是走「型」的路線 B)



2007年11月3日 星期六

Josh Groban - You're Loved

Above is one song that I am never tired of listening to. I dedicate it to whoever needs support. =) Remember, I am always here as a friend, a listener.

Don't give up. It's just the weight of the world. When your heart's heavy, I will lift it for you. Don't give up because you want to be heard. If silence keeps you, I will break it for you.

Don't give up. It's just the hurt that you hide. When you're lost inside, I'll be there to find you. Don't give up because you want to burn bright. If darkness blinds you, I will shine to guide you.

Everybody wants to be understood. Well I can hear you. Everybody wants to be loved. Don't give up because YOU ARE LOVED.

2007年11月1日 星期四


原來要好smooth咁度一次血壓都唔易,努力﹗Practise makes perfect. =)